• ISTANBULDAN_COK_group_Michael Wolke_CreditsTemucin
  • ISTANBULDAN_COK_group_Michael Wolke_CreditsTemucin
  • ISTANBULDAN_COK_2_Michael Wolke_CreditsTemucin_new
  • ISTANBULDAN_COK_1_Michael Wolke_CreditsTemucin_new

COK is an homage to ornament and embellishment, shine and abundance. The series of luminaries is made up of many individual parts that are often used for decorating lamp shades. The collection celebrates the stunning diversity of materials that can be found at many artisans’ workshops in the luminaire district Sishane. These three versions form a strange clash of various shapes and variation possibilities.

ISTANBULDAN_COK_process_Michael Wolke_1_CreditsTemucin

ISTANBULDAN_COK_process_Michael Wolke_CreditsTemucin

Pictures: Tamara Eda Temucin